Why Us?

WHY US” …among so many others?

What would it be like to travel with A.B.C. & E.B.C. Travels & Treks? Read along the article to discover reasons to travel with US is so much like why YOU chose Nepal as your holiday destination among so many beautiful countries around the globe.

1. Years of experience and commitment in what we do

We have a dedicated group of experts, experienced and trained, with a passion for adventure on the mountains, with almost 20 years of experience with the steepest mountains ever to exist on the surface of the Earth and the most thrilling trails, overcoming them despite the tardiness of nature and enjoying the journey despite all the sweat, tears and pain, we can guide you through any kind of journey. We carefully plan all aspects of the journey beforehand. We’ve succeeded on exploring various mountains above 6000m on different occasions, which was possible due to careful planning, research and the training we’ve gone through over the years for the purpose of providing you a holiday worth your money and time, which will make you gracious with our service. Due to these reasons we remain on the leading end of adventure operators in the country; because we regularly work on providing you service beyond your expectations from the moment you place your first steps in Nepal.

2. Safety priorities and services are central when traveling through us

We provide first grade safety measures as we have experienced the heights ourselves and know what might happen if we go unprepared on high altitudes or try for peaks over 6000m. Going to soaring heights is always risky, hence we do risk assessments and make SURE our gears and equipment are fully functioning and are of high quality before it goes to you because your safety is our utmost priority. We strictly follow planning and risk assessment to ensure the safety and well-being of our trekking guests journeying through the Himalayas of Nepal. We provide only the best of equipment and provide enough time for trekkers to acclimatize since we know how much the risks are in this mountaineering business. We also provide good advice and tips on trek preparation, especially when climbing peaks in isolated regions. It’s vital for us that you go through a medical checkup before starting a journey especially above 4000m altitude. We consider you not our customers, but our own family; and all our preparation and safety measures are based on this relationship.

3. Small and private groups

Nature is vast on this planet to explore and enjoy by all of us and it’s in human nature to conquer the wild landscapes. But the world is a huge place and the language and culture all around are not easy to overcome. A limited group of adventurers make it easy to travel and make the best of the valuable time you have allocated for the journey. The arrangement is much easier to follow, and the planning won’t be a problem to implement and you can focus all your energy in exploring and discovering the wonders you’ve never seen before for an experience of a lifetime. At ABC & EBC Travels, we have a group of limited personnel, just enough to provide you with the individual feel of discovering a place independently, but large enough to give you a feel of social convenience. Normally, group size varies depending on the place and means we’re travelling by, but the average size of a group is about 10 people. Through the years of experience we’ve learned that this is the best number to let you connect with people you meet without you feeling like you’re just another member of the group.

We’ve put our years of experience and knowledge into the equipment, accommodation and operations and management of the trek. So you can leave all your hours of tedious thinking and planning when you can leave it to us, who lives and understands your style of travel. The smaller group you are the more united you stand, the less different opinions makes it easier to follow the plan and this creates a strong bond of a family amongst those who are travelling together.

4. Custom and tailor made trips

We have devised our in-depth tailored programs to suit your needs. At ABC & EBC Travels, by using our thorough experience gathered over the years we plan and organize tours and treks that are truly aligned to your interests and needs. We have the expertise to provide you with the best and match your expectations whether it may be a budget tour, luxury tour, or treks and exploration of mountains, in a group or as an individual; we can offer you all. Our planned trips don’t match all your needs but also your interests as well. Our equipment and arrangements are geared to go long or short depending on the time you have allocated and the type of journey you want to be in. We combine our programs into one another to provide you a brilliant mix of culture, history, the outdoors and even a safari in the mix; all well thought and planned to provide you the most within the time you have for the journey. You can explore our website designed to provide you with necessary information so that you can be encouraged and develop ideas to help you with planning out a custom tailor made holiday that provides you with most of what we can offer for your vacations.

5. Trekking and climbing equipment provided for your convenience

It is always important to keep in mind that when packing you should make it a bare minimum. Your luggage should not weigh more than 15 kg (33 pounds) at the beginning of a trek.

The basic equipments we provide are: Duffel bag, Sleeping bag with liner, Down Jacket and t-shirts with a cap. Any other equipment can be hired in Thamel. Our recommendations are top-notch trekking outlets that provide best grade equipment which won’t trouble you on trails. The equipment we provide is of the highest quality to ensure your safety from the climate and rough terrains. The Duffel bag, with well maintained group climbing gears that guarantee your safety at high altitudes, is provided by us. You can choose your equipment according to your need, preference and the duration and season of your trip, etc. A lot of these gears can be found for hire or sell in Kathmandu. Most of the gears are locally made and cheaper, some gears are imported from China are of better quality. Some famous stores also provide branded equipment which is of prime quality.

6. Responsible Tourism

The planet earth is a pretty overwhelming place God created with all his heart put into it and we want to keep it that way. We have to think of the environment, and about how not to hamper nature at all times. Sustainable travel doesn’t imply that we don’t enjoy ourselves. It means that we can have fun in a way than can be beneficial to nature, ourselves and those around us. ABC & EBC Travels is committed to maintaining our reliability, living by our values and make sure we don’t stray from our principles in the course of making our business. We provide our customers with practical and realistic experiences also keeping in mind to manage treks with responsibility, and implementing the principles of sustainable development.

However, these values are more than just words in a file on record; they are scripted in the culture and daily operations of all our campaigns, all over the Nepal. we also expect all of our staff and travelers to imply the principles of responsible tourism - respecting the culture, people, local environments in the exchange of cross-cultural lifestyle, distribution of wealth, respecting each other, also in contributing to sustainable development, where we give back more to nature than we take from it.

7. Always ensuring you get the best

All members of ABC & EBC Travels family are well experienced and skilled in understanding the need of our customers at all times. The decades of experience and knowledge we’ve gained over time has taught us a lot about different types of people and what makes our customers truly happy. We have knowledge of complexity of human nature, and hence go far and beyond to ensure that our customers get the best of service and give them a feel of family.

8. We always want to give more than what we get

We constantly adjust our package prices according to the market costs. All of our schemes and package costs are carefully and rationally determined. We provide our guests modification of our prices if and when needed. As we like to serve our guests as our family, our costs are carefully determined so that there are no extra unseen costs in our packages. You’d think with our exceptional services, our charges would be high, but we ensure that our costs are the best in the market.

9. Our team members are devoted to their jobs

Our appointed team for climbing are highly experienced professionals, committed and hail from the mountains that we all love trekking to. They amass the vast knowledge regarding the mountainous regions, on how to organize trips and trip operations, and are also able to communicate in different languages. All of our crew is prepared and fully aware about what to do when certain situations of emergency arise. Since all of our crew love what they do, they treat guests as their own family, which puts more zeal into the trip makes it even more enjoyable.

10. A whole range of services under one Roof:

ABC & EBC Travels provides different kinds of services ranging from Adventure Tourism, Religious Tourism, Cultural Tourism and special interest programs. We also offer services for Hotel Booking, Para-gliding, bungee jumping, sightseeing from helicopters, rafting, jungle safaris, and Ticketing and transportation services. We can also conduct and organize MICE services for our guests and international travel agents if and when required.

11. Emergency necessities

It is crucial that the leader of the expedition always carries a satellite phone for emergency purposes at all times. This can also be used by guests for contacting their loved ones back home when there is a need for that. Emergency first-aid kits and medical supplies should be carried for minor injuries that may arise during the journey.

12. We seek to be successful in all that we do

We’ve experienced it all - the highs and lows -, we’ve known nature at its best and its worst.

We want to always be prepared when we are face-to-face with Mother Nature, in the wilderness and above the timber-lines. Created with immense beauty, on these mountains natural unpredictable calamities can hit us when least expected, hence, we should always be aware of our surroundings and the environment. We must have faith and respect the mountains for they are graceful with their beauty and purity. Despite the hardships and struggles we face on the mountains, our success ratio has been over 90%, due to the experiences we’ve accumulated over the years.