Cultural Etiquette in Nepal

Some of the cultural etiquettes in Nepal are as follows, that are good to know beforehand of your travel.

  • The formal greeting in Nepal is Namaste, which is said during the meeting and departing.
  • Before entering into the temple, take off your shoes or even if you are entering in the prayer room of a house, the same rule will be applied.
  • Jutho pratha (anything touched by mouth) is still exists in Nepali societies. do not share the things that are put (or the utensils) in their mouth.
  • Left hand is used for the toiletry purpose, so the things (for eating) are not taken as worthy to eat by left hand, or even touched by that. However, some left handers use the same hand for eating.
  • Wearing short garments are not usual in the mountain region. However, it is common in the city areas.
  • You are not allowed to wear the things of leather while entering into the temple.
  • Kissing and hugging in public are not in practice but hugging is ok. Public affections are not regarded as a good thing.