Best Time to Travel Nepal

Travelers can enjoy their trip to Nepal throughout the year. Being a tiny country, it has got various weather. Generally, spring and autumn seasons are regarded the best traveling seasons in Nepal. But, you can also enjoy traveling in a monsoon as Nepal has some rain shadow areas.  

Spring Season

March to May is known as the spring season. It is another popular traveling season with warm days (25-30 degree) and nights. It is most favorable time for the adventurous trek. Spring is the colorful seasons with beautiful flower blooming. If you go to the mountainous region, you will see rhododendron flowers blooming in many parts of the altitude region.

Autumn Season

Autumn season is the most popular season for travel and trekking. September to November are the high tourist flow seasons due to the good weather condition. It is neither hot, nor cold season. Days are generally warm and nights are cold. Autumn is the festival time in Nepal. Major festivals held during this season as Dashain and Tihar. If you want to explore the culture, autumn is the best season.

Winter Season

Traveling in winter season (December to January) is suitable in the lower altitude. High altitude trekking become highly adventurous due to the heavy snowfall. Morning, the days and nights are freezing in the high altitude. Go for lower altitude treks for the village tour in winter.

Summer Season

Mid-June to the end of September- rainy season in Nepal. The days are hot and the temperature goes above 28 degrees in the afternoon. It is better to trek in the rain shadow areas of Nepal as the Dolpo region and the Mustang region. Also suitable for the tours.