About Us

Knowing us as we are…

Life is an adventure…or just nothing!

Trekking in splendor of the high Himalayas, as we discover and enjoy exciting beauty with incomparable diversified culture where you can stay far from the stress of everyday life and focus instead on the wonders of reality around you is an ultimate dream of each individual. We at A.B.C. and E.B.C. Nepal Trekking Adventures Pvt. Ltd are set with the mission to provide you amazing opportunities to make your holiday dreams come true – whether it’s a trail passing through ivory snows, jaded forests and blossoms of Rhododendrons, or enjoying breathtaking views of the Himalayas; we offer you remarkable vacations to remember throughout life. This is what God’s gift of nature is all about…. And so was born a Vision with a Mission.

We’ve walked the rugged trails throughout the Himalayas of Nepal, we’ve experienced the unpredicted calamities of nature on our jagged mountains with blood, sweat and tears; but we enjoyed it a lot without any doubt. Today we are an established company fully owned and managed by Nepalese. Explore the unknown from the known in Nepal with its natural beauty; experience diverse ethnic culture along with different historical monuments nearby; and venture across the borders of Nepal into Bhutan and Tibet for mystical experiences with similar geographies. Know us as we are, we love what we do, our many notable adventures are so much worth the distance you travel to discover what you’ve never known and we always ensure your safety is a priority while making sure your pleasant stay in Nepal is as close as it gets to home.

Our Vision…Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

We feel proud to serve you on the trails for over two decades, ensuring our guests exceptional outdoor experiences. And since then we’ve never looked back. As our past even relates to our present, guests are much more excited for the thrilling innovative experiences we meticulously plan for your Himalayan trips, just like it was before. We offer you explorations into what we know as a ‘Living paradise of Nature’. We would like you to come over and share with us what our amazing country offers as we share the good vibes that bond us in preparing for odysseys that could reshape the hidden destiny of your life. We are well prepared with our highly informative website where you can browse through the range of small group journeys and our great itineraries. You could be one of our past travelers or someone new to us; we recommend you feel comfortable browsing through our highly informative website.

Our Mission… is a never ending Goal

Ours is a down-to-earth vacation in the sunshine – we try something different, actually not different things but things done in a different way as much as possible. Hike through the panoramic landscapes of the Himalayas, listen to the mountains, exploring nature and its non fictional myths while experiencing ancient religious beliefs, discover something new and meaningful in your visit to our country.

Free yourself from your demons as you freak out through the streets of the city enjoying typical local dishes, sip some local mountain beer or sleep out at a lovely home stay; get friendly with the local folks and buy handmade curios which could be a token of love from the nation, your freedom is assured just like you would be free in the wilderness. Adventure in the wild is a part of Nepal’s DNA. The mountains teach us so much about life and your experiences here can be stories to pass down to the upcoming generations on the way.

A.B.C. and E.B.C. Nepal Trekking Adventures Pvt. Ltd offers you holidays you have probably never known before, start new friendships in the great outback where you could share your emotions and feelings with likeminded people as you knock on heaven’s doors. You are mentally tested as you hike the trails and your courage flirts with your emotions as you get lost in the fascinating beauty that surrounds you. Our mission in life is not merely to survive, but also to thrive; and dream the impossible because dreams do come true. This is our mission, a ceaseless goal to ensure your happiness and safety, without spoiling the fun on the way…

Programs we enjoy doing…with zest and zeal…

A.B.C. and E.B.C. Nepal Trekking proudly operates a host of over 200 holiday categories throughout the axis of the Himalayas beginning from Nepal including Tibet and Bhutan. We conduct all round season open sky breaks, treks on off-the-beat trails, spiritual outings, breathtaking mountain bike tours along with the cozy home stays. Furthermore, heritage tours, historical walks, visiting religious monuments, classic rural hikes, raging river rafting, kayaking, overland tours are also the part of our assortment of holidays. Not only these, exclusive jingle safaris, all domestic and international ticketing services, yoga and meditation with spa therapies and reliable transportation services throughout the Himalayas are also our assortment of holidays which shouldn’t be missed.

We always have something special for everyone; we make everyone smile…….

Responsible Tourism…Being practical is what counts…

Enjoy our countryit’s yours too …RESPECT IT!!!

During the venture, we are always dedicated in protecting our alpine eco system and ensure you that the area is left spick n span when we vacant the area. We are always mentally aware about the venture as we ensure our guides and porters are well equipped and geared up for hassle free services as we compulsorily follow rules and regulations of the International Porters Protection Group (www.ippg.net). We are always concerned about your safety and protection throughout your stay here in Nepal. Campfires are avoided on the trail as we advise our trekkers to buy hot showers using regulated wood in lodges. The main concern of our venture is to give ‘something back’ to the community in the areas we trek to.

View our well planned Itineraries: You might be curious with never seen birds, particular wild faunas, different floras, off track roads, an unknown village; you can be sure it’s there, just like you read about it in our itineraries.

In a nutshell:

A.B.C. and E.B.C. Nepal Trekking warmly welcomes you to a world you’ve probably known less, a world so different from the world you are familiar with, but it’s a place with exceptional beauty; a natural paradise in its own league, where mother nature talks to you…